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Creative Tips for Printing Your Calendar

How to get the best results from our Calendar Software




The information below gives you some ideas on how best to use our software. Just let your imagination guide you. It’s extremely easy to use.

Overview: Your selected calendar displays within the central working area. The top content button allows you to browse through: Pictures, Borders, Embellishments, Backgrounds and Themes, all of which may be dragged to your pages. Click and drag the page borders just as you would turn the pages of a real calendar. Pictures may be manipulated via the Position, Zoom and Rotate controllers.

Personalise Dates: Dates may be personalised with text and pictures to highlight birthdays and other special occasions. Simply click the relevant date in the date grid. Picture and caption options will then be presented.

Date Grid: The area of your calendar containing months, days and dates may be customised to suit your background and pictures. Click the Grid tab to view the available options, including font, font colour, grid colour and amount of transparency.

Text: To add text to your picture area, click the Text button in the tools panel. A text box will appear within the calendar and text options will be activated. Click in the white area containing the words ‘Add Text’ to type your desired message.

Edit: To crop or apply special effects, select picture, then click the Edit button. Available enhancements include Black and White, Sepia, Brightness and Contrast.

Saving: You may save your work at any time by clicking the Save button in the tools panel. You will them be prompted to enter a name for your project and once saved, you may access the job from your Saved Projects,

Ordering: When you are happy with your calendar, click Add to Cart in the bottom right corner to buy.

Our Calendar Software is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon; we plan to have it up and running again as soon as possible!

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